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The Liquid Lipstick Edit | Nude, Pink & Red Favourites


Liquid lipsticks are undeniably having a moment, and as a devoted lover of lipstick I didn’t hesitate to jump on the liquid bandwagon. Recognised for their bold colour payoff and long lasting formula, liquid lipsticks are taking the beauty market by storm. It seems like nearly every brand is producing them, with some of the most popular being Too Faced, Lime Crime and Kat Von D. I’ve picked out three of my current favourites for every occasion.


the everyday nude

 the balm meet matt(e) hughes in committed

Finding the perfect nude shade for your skin tone can be a difficult process. As someone who is fairly pale with blonde hair, I have always thought nude lipsticks would wash me out. Thankfully, The Balm’s Meet the Matt(e) Hughes in ‘Committed’ is a neutral peach colour that has answered all my nude-lipstick troubles. Once applied, it does what is promised and dries completely matte within minutes. The creamy formula isn’t drying and it stays securely in place for around 5 hours before touch-ups are required. With its dreamy mint vanilla scent, The Balm have a winning formula here! 



nyx liquid suede in tea and cookies

My go-to lipsticks are shades of pink, so naturally they make up most of my collection. When the NYX counter opened in Cardiff I picked up their Liquid Suede Cream in ‘Tea and Cookies’. Baby pink with a velvet-soft consistency, the product doesn’t feel heavy or drying like you may expect from liquid lipsticks. With olive oil and avocado oil as ingredients, lips stay moisturised and nourished throughout the day. A few coats are required and the formula takes a while to fully set, but I’ll be reaching for this bright pink lipstick over summer. 



lime crime velvetines in true love

Inspired by rose petals, this vibrant pinky-red is not for the faint-hearted. It’s the perfect colour for special occasions and it seriously won’t budge! Only a single application is needed to achieve a pigmented matte finish. This is the most long-lasting of the three, but this also means it can get quite drying, so I suggest applying lip balm beforehand and exfoliating after use. ‘True Love’ is a beautiful shade with a foolproof formula.