Lorna Collins — Freelance Graphic Designer


Burger & Lobster, Cardiff


Last week I was invited to Burger & Lobster in Cardiff to try out some new additions to their menu. This was my first time at the restaurant so I was excited to see what was on offer! I brought along my boyfriend for a lovely night of good food and cocktails.

Burger and Lobster Cardiff Food Review Seafood Cocktails Restaurant Bar

Burger and Lobster Cardiff Food Review Seafood Cocktails Restaurant Bar

The new and larger menu is the result of taking on feedback from previous customers, who asked for more variation than the straightforward burger and lobster. These new additions include a Welsh Lamb Burger, two Lobster Brioche Rolls (California and Seven Samurai), Smack Brisket Roll and a Kids Burger. So they are still staying true to their original concept, but with a more adventurous twist. There’s also the option to add sides and more variety in the size of lobster available.


We started the evening at the bar while waiting for a table to become free. There's a wide range of drinks on offer but I still wasn’t sure on which cocktail to go for, thankfully the bar staff were very helpful and friendly. I was asked which flavours I’d usually go for and the bartender happily made a cocktail specifically to my liking, which looked and tasted amazing!


Once we were seated we took a look at the menu and decided to try the Crazy Blooming Onion for the starter, which is priced at £4. It’s a twist on the classic onion rings and looked pretty impressive. Served with garlic butter sauce, it was delicious and was perfect to nibble on before the main courses.

I’m not a big fan of seafood so I went for the British Beef Burger (£8) as my main, which typically contains blue cheese, avocado mayo, red onion and pickles but I replaced the blue cheese for cheddar. Although the burger tasted great I couldn’t finish it all as it was so big! I went for the side of Sweet Potato Fries with paprika salt (£4), which I knew I’d love, dipped in garlic butter sauce they were some of the best fries I’ve had.


Charlie was super keen to try lobster for the first time, so he chose the Lobster Chick (£15) which came with garlic butter sauce. There is a choice to have the lobster grilled or steamed, but he went for steamed so it was more tender. He also had Dirty Nachos with Smoked Brisket and cheese (£4) on the side, which tasted very very smokey. We both agreed they tasted too overpowering so we probably wouldn’t order these again.


To finish off the night we both indulged in dessert. I have a sweet-tooth so I chose the chocolate brownie with ice cream, which I loved. Charlie suggested we try the meringue which is typically for two to share. The meringue looked unbelievable and honestly tasted just as good.

We were both impressed by the new #NotJustBurgerAndLobster menu and had a great night.

Find Burger & Lobster at: Unit 2, 9-11 The Hayes, Cardiff, CF10 1AH. 


Disclaimer: Food was complimentary, however all opinions are my own.