Lorna Collins — Freelance Graphic Designer


Travel Diary: Crete | Part One

This is my first post in my travel diary series I’ve decided to start! Travelling is one of my favourite things – from wandering around the UK to branching out further so I’m quite excited to introduce this. Last month I travelled to the beautiful island of Crete for a week with my boyfriend. We stayed in a sea view hotel in Agia Marina, which is a twenty minute drive from stunning Chania, the second largest city in Crete (but more on that in part two!)

I’m not gonna lie, most of the days were spent at the beach right outside of our hotel, or relaxing by the pool-side - I say relaxing but it was more like melting into the sun lounger! We did mix it up a bit by exploring the town on some days. Of course we did the usual thing and visited all of the tourist shops in the area, taking home some little handmade gifts for people back home. One of my favourite things I found during a walk around Agia Marina was a beach bar called Ammos & Ilios (meaning sand & sun), which had an upbeat yet chilled atmosphere and creative, vivid décor. A rainbow of umbrellas cleverly displayed above your head as you walk in to find the colourful beach bar, where I enjoyed a lovely cocktail before walking along the beach to get back to our hotel.

Our room at the hotel had a balcony directly overlooking the beach. One morning I woke up super early to catch the sunrise and I’m so glad I did. It was definitely the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen but photos just can’t do it justice! As the sky and sea turned orange I decided to try and get a photo with my beloved Fujifilm Instax. I’m so happy with the result, people with an Instax camera will know the struggle of getting the right shot! The area we stayed in was lovely for a relaxing holiday, however, if you enjoy visting cities with more to see and do then keep an eye out for my next post about Chania.